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Ictopus (ICT online primary user support) was a support service for primary education which ran from 2007 - 2012. Tabs above and buttons to the right give access to all the ictopus resources which include:

Sharing Good Practice (SGP) a magazine for teachers about using ICT effectively in primary education which was published fortnightly.

lessons2go lesson plans for the use of ICT across the primary key stages and curriculum indexed for key stages, subjects or year groups.
Some of these resources involve links to the old MAPE website www.mape.org.uk. This domain is now closed but most of the old MAPE resources are still available at Naace Primary

The Tall Ship a collection of primary source documents relating to the Glenlee a tall ship built at the end of the nineteenth century. SGP109 gives a full introduction to the resources with lots of teaching ideas.

Titanic a resource collection to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic (5th April 2012) including databases of the passengers and crew with notes and teaching ideas. SGP133 has further suggestions for using these resources in your classroom.

Inveraray Jail a collection of the records of every prisoner admitted to this Scottish county jail from its opening in 1820 to its closure in 1888. SGP100 provides the introduction.

Pictopus We regret that now that ictopus is simply an archive (and little used) the Pictopus library is too expensive to maintain as it takes up so much storage space - so sadly, we have removed it.

Activities educational activities for children.

Big Books on-screen books, for use in your teaching.
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